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Bicycle Outlaw

A few days after I received and assembled our new “Doggie Ride” bike trailer, I rigged our bikes onto the van, put the dog trailer inside, and drove with Richard and Willie up to the Ashokan Reservoir. I’d once lived in this area for eight years, with the mountains and water a daily feature in
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Willie’s New Ride

Some months ago Richard and I were in Monterey, walking along Ocean View Boulevard near Point Cabrillo, when we stopped to watch a large colony of sea lions snoozing on a stony beach.  We stood about fifty yards from the water’s edge, our fingers hooked into the chain link fence separating us from dozens of
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Dog Toys

Before we even brought him home, our dog, Willie, had a collection of toys we'd purchased in anticipation of his arrival.
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Slippery Slope

“We’re never taking that dog into the bed with us,” Richard said before we even brought Willie home. “He’s never even going to see upstairs,” I added.  “There’s just no reason for him to go there.  And this way, we can be sure the bedrooms don’t have any dog hair or allergens that might disturb
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